Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Were Worried About Vaginas

That is why we committed ourselves to putting on the most amazing production of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES the bay area, the country, NAY!, the world had ever seen. We were worried because we're coming up on another year, and there are still vaginas out there needing change. Still needing to be heard, to be healed, and to be respected. If we accomplish nothing else with this production of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, we are determined to produce powerful, excited activists ready to spread their effort to create the change we're all working towards.

My name is Meg, and I'm directing THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES at The University of San Francisco, on Feb 12, 13, and 14th. I have just returned from my hometown (Minneapolis) and am completely lost in thought the majority of the days, constantly thinking about staging ideas, costume ideas (we're wearing black and pink), scheduling conflicts, and the whole reason we're doing this: the women out there who need this show. It is hard to get any work done at all, with all that in your head! That's where the blog came into play...

My producer, Julie, and I thought that a blog would be a good way to share our thoughts, hardships, fears, and joys with others putting on the show, or others interested in working on future performances, or even enthusiasts of the show. One of the most wonderful results of putting this on is sharing your experience with someone else who has worked on THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, and hearing their experiences and how similar, yet different, they are. My hope is to get people involved in all aspects of this show to write on this blog. I want Julie to talk about producing and being awesome, I want the cast to write about their experience learning their monologues and being gorgeous, and I even want the lighting designer to explain what it was like lighting these beautiful, powerful, uber-sexy vaginas! I, no surprise here, will write about directing the show, or may blog about revelations or general vagina-related issues (not too personal, though.)

Currently, I am working on the rehearsal schedule. Directing at a college brings with it some obstacles, such as the girls are home for Christmas, and I must wait until they return to begin rehearsals, which leaves us with three weeks before opening night! (The anticipation is killing me!!!) I am also including all the women in the INTRODUCTION, and am about to embark on splitting that up among 20 women. It is actually something I've been looking forward to all day!

And my wonderful roommate just came home (she and I were both the Moaner in the show, her the year before me. It has left us with an unbreakable bond). She and I have catching up to do.

Happy New Year and Happy Vaginas-

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  1. My mom and dad both broght up my role in VagMons. Once at a dinner party with my mom's friend from high school and her family. My dad had me explain my role as 6 year old girl. I was a little awkward explaining the vagina interviews and I decided to skip the "what would it smell like portion". The best revelation about that evening was that no man could get away with talking about what his penis would say if it could talk. BUT I CAN. HA!