Monday, January 5, 2009

I Love Props

The more I read each monologue, the more I envision the actress gesticulating with an object, and I'm sure it's just because I am more comfortable with something in my hands, acting as some sort of temporary security blanket, then to be left to my own devices. It is fun, though, giving the ladies something to interact with, since the majority of them will be on stage alone for a good couple of minutes, and may need some company. I especially like toying with the idea (pun intended) of including props in THE WOMAN WHO LOVED TO MAKE VAGINAS HAPPY- for a little extra kick. She does love props.

Although I thought the splitting up of the INTRODUCTION would be a quick task, I only finished it today. I realized that I needed to figure out where I was going to put the women in the theater. So, after sorting them, then I was trying to figure out the fairest way to disperse the lines, and it just took many days to do that (I took breaks.) 

And now I have the poster design in my head. We are currently brainstorming ideas, and it is hard to put a finger on one design because it sets a tone for the show. Do we go with sexy, sweet, empowering, straight-forward? But it is fun coming up with ideas, conservative and obscene. 

Finally, I keep watching the video of Eve's poems about the DRC. It is so moving, and has affected me a lot in the short time I've seen it. When I read about what is going on in the DRC, as I lay in my bed, surrounded with love of people I trust, I can not begin to imagine what it is like to live in Bukavu, or Kinshasa, or Bumba. Violence is just a way of life there, especially towards women. I look forward to spreading the word about the DRC, and hopefully, one day, making a difference.

I'm going to put on some slippers, possibly make some Annie's mac-n-cheese, and brainstorm some more...(ok, I might watch Family Guy, too.)

Best Vagina Wishes,

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