Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vaginas need to talk....and TALK!

The show is on its feet!!! We have had two run-throughs and the girls are looking great on stage. Of course, after every rehearsal I think about completely changing the staging. Last night the Executive Producer of the company hosting THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES approached me, and reminded me of an idea I brought up during my interview, and now I am reconsidering. But with so little rehearsal time, is it wise to switch things up radically? (Cast, don't worry, you can handle anything, it is only my sanity I am thinking of.)

So, I figured I wasn't going to sleep very well last night, but I slept like a baby- I had had a long weekend...and this morning I jumped right back into hyper-tension mode. Which is good- it kicks my ass into gear.

This is such an amazing experience, and I feel like I've learned a lot. I know now that when I'm stressed, I just remember what I'm doing this for, and I relax all my muscles. Julie and I are pouring positive energy into this project, and hopefully we'll have a surplus, so we can reserve all the positive energy until tech week...because we'll need it.

I had a really rewarding experience on Sunday. The girls had come together for the first run-thru off-book (I had the girls memorize their monologues) and it was the first time they had an audience after rehearsing their monologues with me, and it was exhilarating! I had so many moments where I thought "I can't believe I am lucky enough to be affiliated with this show." The girls are working so hard, and I think people are going to love every minute of this show, and it hit me how proud I was.

The show opens in a week and two days...A WEEK AND TWO DAYS! OH GOD! It is such a fast process, and the girls are rocking every minute of it. It is going to be a great show.

Send good vagina vibes our way!

Vagina Love,


  1. When and where is your performance??! The Oakland show is now on Feb. 20th and 21st at "No Such Place" on Telegraph and 29th (I think) Vaginas Vaginas Vaginas unite!!!!!

  2. Meg,
    Did you know the Vulva Puppet was one of the inspirations for the Vagina Monologues? I'm the visionary that created the puppet and the tag line, "share a story" I live right here and I would love to work with you to raise funds for the project. Actually for all the VDay projects. I'm on your list of resources from VDay, contact me.

  3. Dorrie! Hi! Vuvla Puppet! That's amazing! I am sorry I didn't see your comment sooner, and I hope there is a way we can get in contact, and we can still work together! It is nice to get like-minds together!

    The show was a little overwhelming, so I was blogless for a couple weeks, but I appreciate you reading, and if you keep a blog, send me a link! I will read!